Thursday, January 6, 2011

Romantic Valentine SMS 1

Romantic Valentine SMS
 2011 Valentine's Day will be celebrated Monday, February 14, 2011, is celebrated each year in the world.As the growing trend of mobile / cell phones people have opted for SMS messages as a way to send Valentine wishes, Happy Valentine SMS, Valentine's Day SMS 2011, SMS valentine messages, valentine text messages quotes and Valentine's Day. Hindi and Urdu SMS valentine Valentine sms are very popular among Asian people.
So what are you waiting for? Browse our latest collection, new, free sms valentine sms valentines and select one for your valentine / love and wish them happy Valentine's Day.
Romantic Valentine SMS
Advanced Happy Valentine's Day
Hi .-'''''-.
    (  'o'  )
Can i stay here in ur "inbox"and wait until 14 February?
So i can be the first to say u Advanced Happy Valentine's Day"

I am the valentine of the whole world
“I am the valentine of the whole world and I reside in every heart.
If you are my valentine, you will see me everywhere.”

With lots of L0ve
|        APPY.*
L0ve iz Life.L0ve iz 4 Every1.So,Do L0ve n Spread L0ve.With lots of L0ve.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day

My heart is given to you
My Heart To You Is Given,
Oh Dear, Do Give Yours To Me,
We’ll Lock Them Up Together
And Throw Away The Key

make ur life lovely
24hrs make a lovely day,
7 days make a lovely week,
52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a
person like me will make ur life lovely.

V….is for Valentine
V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A…..is for I will Always be yours
L…..is for Love at its most extreme
E…..is for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N…..is for Never-ending love
T…..is for we will Always be Together forever
I…..is for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to
E…..is for Eternity our love is so ever lasting
Romantic Valentine SMS

Don’t wait until it’s too late
Don’t wait until it’s too late
to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.
Because when they’re gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
they won’t hear you anymore.
Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just 4 U!!
My Heart Is Made 2 Luv U,
My Lips Are Made To Kis U,
Evry Part Of Me Wants U
,My Hands Made 2 Hold U,
Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just 4 U!
So I Wish U "Romantic Week"
7 Feb-Rose Day.
8-Propose Day..
9-Choclate Day..
10-Teddy Bear Day..
11-Promis Day.
12-Love Day.
13-Hug Day..
14feb-Valentine Day
So I Wish U "Romantic Week"
Romantic Valentine SMS

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