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Smart Phone Battery Problem

Smart Phone Battery Problem
BlackBerry Bold 9650 Short Battery Life Solution
Few complaints about the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone.On my review of the BlackBerry 9650 is the short battery life. I decided before I buy my new phone to investigate how this problem.
Standard Battery
As a means of control quickly, about 15% of the Convention in the comments I read in the research of this phone has suggested that he needed a better battery. Although this is a fairly large number, it is not out of proportion with similar smartphones. In other words, to some extent as a phone is also your Pocket PC, MP3 player, camera etc, it uses a lot of juice.

Although I do not know the usage profile of the people complain, it's a fairly large number of people who have the same perception. The standard battery for the phone comes with a rechargeable 1400 mAh Lithium. The announced specifications for using his "Up to 300 minutes talk time or standby:. Up to 312 hours'
That's about five hours conversation. There is no indication how long it would take if you're playing music or running applications on the desktop. Probably because it depends on the application you run and how often they access to the CPU or memory, etc.
I do not know about you, but 5 hours on the phone one day that happens sometimes. I suspect that if you make multiple calls and text or using data and media playback, it can quickly fall to a certain fraction of the city only 5 hours.
I found two possible solutions
Extra battery solution
You can buy an extra battery, holding and transport of the suspect. For about $ 25 you get a second battery. If your phone is dead, just exchange. Problem solved!
Extended battery life
The second option is to buy an extended battery. Seidio 2600mAh battery provides a longer life for the Blackberry 9650. (This is like part of the Blackberry 9630) is almost 2x the capacity. 

Comparison b/w Extended to Extra
Although the extra battery is cheaper, there is another side , the battery you need to turn it off replaced. This means restarting the operating system and replacing. Give more wear. Every time you open and disconnecting the battery, it is possible that the wear and breakage. For my money of $ 35 you save is not worth the risk to the unity and would cause annoyance. I upgraded to the larger battery.
Smart Phone Battery Problem

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