Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Mobile Signal Drop

Direct response and clear explanation of the call to give up or dropped call or a fall. Very useful tips to resolve calls are also explained.
If your important business calls will be interrupted if you do not hear the lovely voice of your life partner clearly when he plays, or if you bill calls on a daily basis at home or the office, it is better to read this to know why invite the bill arrives.
What is the drop of appeal?
Normal call ends when you or someone else is a party to terminate the call by pressing the No button (disconnect). But some call ends unexpectedly before, or another party to terminate the call after a number of technical reasons. This scenario is known as call drops.
Why Call is drop?
There are several reasons why the calls to drop.

Network-related reasons to drop the appeal

No cover - When you leave the coverage of the coverage area the call is cut. When there is no coverage or there is no signal to keep your mobile phone and the network (base station - round). Just then the call is disconnected.
Disorders - A mobile network to use spectrum for mobile. When other sources are using the same frequency range communication such as radio, military communications, so it is interference. The same mobile network using the same band throughout. Sometimes the interference of these frequencies is known for re-use of an internal malfunction. When there is interference, so good communication between the mobile and base station is interrupted. Eventually, the call may be broken or you do not hear any audio to the other party. You may be able to continue the discussion, but of poor quality. You can make available to the location information such as GPS coordinates or address of the home where the down calls. Generally, service providers consider the coverage to complain when they are planning projects to improve coverage. If you are a very profitable customer, you can ask for a solution coveage improvement at the repeater.
Hardware fault line - a hardware failure in the base station (tower) and transmission equipment can cause calls to drop. When you come to call the fall a very good sign, then the result may be a hardware problem or network failures. Then it is better to make the service appeal. Would be useful to an engineer to solve the problem if you are able to provide the GPS coordinates of your home or office, where you face to reject calls a day. Remember to send the complaint a technical person who is not a woman in a call center, because 95% of call center agents do not know anything about technical stuff.

Questions about the transfer process - based on different mobile networks and fixed networks, mobility. When you go to one place to another place, the call is transferred to another base station from the current base station to avoid the call drop. Thus, in this, you can move here and there, while calling to your colleagues. But sometimes this process is the transfer can not function properly. Then call the base is suspended until the current coverage of base station is lost. Finally, the call is disconnected because of no coverage. When you choose to cover just before the autumn of communication, you'll see a very bad signal, but if you check the coverage just after the fall of communication, is used to demonstrate a very good mobile coverage in such calls down. Again, you can make a complaint to resolve the call to drop, because you can not solve such a slack in demand.
Why Mobile Signal Drop
Mobile phone related reasons for drop call

Hardware failures in mobile phones - such drop calls, calls you down again played without any problem. Everywhere you go you could meet down the calls if your phone has a hardware problem. You can check with friends or family members if they are also faced with such a bill calls anywhere in the world or inside the home. If this is not a problem with the phone, then just change your phone and check.
Phone calls can also be omitted if the mobile phone the other end of the battery.

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